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Locally owned and operated, Shamrock Construction Inc. has been serving the Channel Islands area in California for over 28 years.
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Shamrock ConstructionCorky Campbell
We have been licensed and insured general contractors in the state of California for over 30 years. I started as a sole proprietor and became a corporation about 7 years ago. Not once has their been a registered complaint with the contractor’s board so we are obviously doing something right! Please click on the links to the right to review our license status.

What makes our work unique is the attention to detail. Only perfect passes. We do whatever it takes to make our clients happy because we want them to enjoy our finished product as much as we do building it. Really!

Check out our story, read our client testimonials and review our Portfolio of work. We are proud of all three and we look forward to working with you!

The Shamrock Construction Story

Our attention for detail is unmatched. We get it right because it is important to us. Please look at our work and talk to our clients. Our reference list is impressive and there are former clients from our beginning homes who remain friends and would be glad to talk to you about our care and service long after the job is done.

I developed an interest in architecture and details of old buildings while growing up on the east coast. I was thrilled when my dad let me work with a carpenter who was doing some remodeling work on our house. It changed my life and from that point on I wanted to be a carpenter. School and life put that dream on hold but not for long. Eventually, I became an apprentice carpenter on the most respected building crew in Boulder, Colorado, then moved to Vail, Colorado where I helped build ski lodges and custom homes and eventually came to the Channel Islands area in 1980.

I have been here since then, doing every facet of detailed carpentry there is. I have overseen the most discerning projects and for some of the most discerning clients. If I wasn’t taught how to do it then I taught myself. I did not get my business handed to me. I learned the hard way and paid my dues by asking questions and working hard. There is nothing in the construction of a building that baffles me, there are just more challenges to be met. There is nothing more rewarding then to see the face of a very happy client as we complete details throughout the home that we conceived together. I love what I do! I continued developing carpentry skills in both framing and finish carpentry. Throughout my career I have been involved with mostly complicated, custom projects. These experiences have molded the builder I am today. No matter how big or how small a project is, I do it right. It is engrained and I will not allow myself or my subcontractors to cut corners. I believe a good reputation is earned through years of doing the right thing, not only in the details that are seen by all but where only you know what makes something right or wrong. I embrace the challenges that building presents. Remodeling a home is a journey. My goal is to make the journey as informative, creative and smooth as possible. The end product and the lifelong relationships speak for themselves.

We offer our clients high-quality work at a reasonable price.  We are easy to work with and provide a friendly working relationship. Communication is key to building successful business relationships and we are with you, including our subcontractors, every step of the way. If you can conceive it, we can build it. We also help with design through the entire project. Upon request, we can provide a design team or architect.

Shamrock Construction is highly recommended by clients and can offer references upon request. For more information on our services or to schedule an initial consultation, contact us directly. We look forward to serving you!

License Status Since Incorporating in 2005. Not a Blemish!!
Licensed/Insured General Contractor, California Contractors State License Board #837927

License status as a Sole Proprietor – Not a Single Complaint in 28+ Years in Business!
Licensed/Insured General Contractor, California Contractors State License Board #837927



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The Shamrock Construction Story
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The Shamrock Construction Story
Licensed General Contractor. Quality home remodeling in the Channel Islands area of California for over 30 years. NO JOB TOO BIG OR SMALL!