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Thomas Fire Home Damage – Shamrock Construction Helping Homeowners Rebuild after recent wildfires

The 2017 Thomas Fire was one of the worst wildfires in California history, destroying more than 800 structures and leaving thousands of people homeless in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties alone. This and other recent California wildfires have led to an estimated $10 billion in insurance claims and more incidents like these are expected in 2018 and beyond. “The prolonged drought in Southern California has got me and my family really worried,” said one Ventura, CA homeowner we spoke to. “I have two friends who just lost their homes in the Thomas Fire. Unbelievable.”

Wildfires, earthquakes, and mudslides are all too familiar to California homeowners. You need to make sure your property is prepared to withstand an event by taking proper precautions like reducing and clearing brush near your structures, replacing wood shake roofs with fire-resistant materials, and having effective water diversion systems if you live near potential storm run-off zones. You also need to be sure to have enough homeowners insurance to cover any potential loss.

If you, a family member or friend suffered Thomas Fire home damage or worse yet, a total loss, we are ready to help you rebuild your home and your life. No job is too big or too small for us! Corky Campbell, the owner of Shamrock Construction, has over 30 years of experience building some of the most beautiful custom homes in Ventura County.

Shamrock Construction Customers Love Us!

Here’s what some of our satisfied customers are saying about us:

“Corky and his crew are over the top. We purchased our home four years ago and engaged Corky in a very difficult project (one of it’s kind in Ventura – an elevator-funicular). He surpassed all our expectations and improved the value of our home significantly. More recently like so many we were impacted by the Thomas fire. Although we did not completely lose our home we had significant damage – part of which involved very difficult problems with our deck/main living area. Corky and his team came to the rescue literally. He worked well with our insurance company and again made miracles happen – not only repairing the damage but making our home beautiful again! We highly recommend Shamrock construction!!!!” – Howard Levine

“Corky is very trustworthy and thorough. He maintains a very tight and professional circle of tradesmen that clearly respect and respond to him. Corky managed a total interior remodel for me that included a new kitchen, baths, flooring, electrical, drywalling and paint. He also replaced all of our doors. If you are going to do a big project, you better like who you choose to work with, and I guarantee you will like working with Corky.” – Steve Treinen

“Corky Campbell of Shamrock construction built my Cape Cod style home at the beach in Oxnard shores with remarkable attention to every detail. As construction commenced it became apparent that his outstanding craft man’s skills would produce a house that would be second to none. His subcontractors were held to the highest standards and his work ethic and project management was highly efficient delivering the house on time. He was always available and on site. It was a pleasure to work with him. To this day, eight years later, he is still available for consultation and work as needed.” – Ken Coopman

“Picking a contractor is scary. My wife and I just embarked on our first ever home renovation. We watched tons of HGTV in preparation. But all those shows, and all common knowledge, points in one direction – there are going to be unforseen problems and you are going to go way over budget and way over schedule. Our renovation was unique for two reasons. First, our son suffers from a neuromuscular disease called SMA and he’s in a power wheelchair. So the renovation was done with him in mind – making the house more accessible was the priority. Second, the place we found to live during the renovation was only available for 3 months. Corky assured us he could get it all done. And this was an enormous, floor-to-ceiling project. And I’m ecstatic to report that despite all of our fears (and all the rumors about things going wrong with every project), Corky finished as promised. On time. On budget. And not only did he buck the traditional rumors about “all contractors” – he did a BEAUTIFUL job. Corky is a perfectionist. Incredibly detail oriented. He cared about our son, and he cared about our home. He caught little things that sub-contractors were willing to overlook. Good was not good enough. He demanded that everything in our newly renovated home be as beautiful as if he were living here himself. I’ve already recommended Corky to both friends and relatives. And I recommend him to you. Because if you pick the right contractor, it doesn’t have to be scary.” – Garrett Lerner

What to do if you have suffered Thomas Fire home damage

If your home was lost or damaged by the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, CA Shamrock Construction is ready to help. With over 30 years of building and remodeling experience, Corky Campbell is ready to help you rebuild your home – and your life!

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Thomas Fire Home Damage - Local Contractor Helping Homeowners
Article Name
Thomas Fire Home Damage - Local Contractor Helping Homeowners
If you, a family member or friend suffered Thomas Fire Home Damage in Ventura County, Shamrock Construction is ready to help you rebuild your home and your life. Over 30 years of experience building some of the most beautiful custom homes in Ventura County.